Escrow Services

A leading specialist in escrow services, EQIBank enables
clients to mitigate all risks in crypto transactions

Secure Your Transactions with EQIBank’s Escrow Service

Our escrow solutions accommodate a wide range of scenarios:

Hold Backs

Holding a portion of the purchase price in escrow until the terms of an agreement are satisfied

Safeguarding Deposits

Safekeeping a portion of the transaction purchase price throughout the trade process

Confirmation of Funds

Assuring buyers and sellers that funds are available and segregated throughout the duration of the deal


Consolidating proceeds from funding sources to facilitate efficient distributions and transaction closing

Your Regulated Partner

EQIBank provides Regulated, neutral and guaranteed escrow facilities, giving you complete confidence that we are by your side throughout every transaction

A One Stop Shop

By integrating EQIBank’s global capabilities, including bank accounts, foreign exchange, credit cards, loans, custody, payment and reporting, we provide clients with complete solutions

Safely Buy and Sell Products and Services

Protect your transactions with EQIBank’s escrow solution