About EQIBank

Who We Are

The Executive Suite of EQIBank includes individuals each with decades of experience in the banking industry who strongly identify with its mission. The Executive Suite is supported by a global team, partners, and shareholders who manage its governance and operations.

Why Trust Us

In the digital age, banking and money continue to change swiftly. One constant remains: trust. A bank is nothing without trust. The future of banking is digital, and, since we operate from an offshore centre, we know it is vital we are leading innovators in trust.

We Value You First

We have a clear, simple purpose – to serve customers well. Our clients are at the core of our ambition to build a bank known for its dependable, high-quality customer service. We want to be both a valued member of the communities in which we operate, as well as trusted, respected, and valued by our clients.

Future in the Making

EQIBank builds on the rich and diverse history of banking. From the ground up, we have built a digital bank for the present day, forging a network of compassionate and talented people and companies who share with us our values of virtue and exceptional service. When you bank with us, you enjoy access to these diverse professionals.

Building a Legacy

The mission of EQIBank is to support innovative approaches to building a more interconnected banking world, with a focus on breaking historical banking limitations and providing financial freedom through an innovative approach to the offshore world.

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EQIBank is proud to offer products and services that reflect our commitment to excellence. Through them we provoke our clients to think anew about their wealth.
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What We Are

EQIBank is a global, digital bank and financial services organisation for corporations and High-Net-Worth Individuals. We serve clients through three global businesses: Private Banking, Commercial Banking, and Digital Asset Custody. With EQIBank, you are empowered to bank globally from one digital bank. That is to say, you can simply view all your accounts online in one place and move money between these accounts. As one of the world’s most innovative international banks, we connect you to a range of services worldwide.
Our network covers 180 countries and territories, including the offshore financial centres of Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Singapore, and our world at large. We strive to be where the future is, connecting customers to the opportunities of today with premiere digital banking. We enable business to thrive and people to fulfill their hopes and dreams. EQIBank has a growing reputation for applying a personal touch to digital private and commercial banking.

Our Focus is You

We are comprised of three businesses that are well-positioned to grow:


The Corporate Bank as hub for corporate and commercial clients.
The Private Bank focuses on private customers across all segments.
Our Digital Asset Custodian continues to pursue its objective of becoming one of the top-10 digital asset managers globally by providing an innovative suite to support our digital asset clients.

Executive Team