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EQIBank provides banking to over 180 countries with lightning fast transfers and digital onboarding

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EQIBank is built around the needs of Corporate and Private Clients, EQIBank delivers fast, reliable and exclusive offshore banking, making sure digital remains personal. You can rely on us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

EQIBank Products Feature:
✓  No minimum account balance
✓  A choice of over 100 currencies
✓  Exclusive EQIBank debit cards
✓  Online and mobile banking
✓  24/7 easy access to your money
✓  24/7 access to international money transfer
✓  Dedicated relationship managers with expert knowledge
✓  Custody services
✓  Lending

What We Offer

Online and Mobile Banking

Fast, secure and convenient digital services to maximize connectivity with your personal and corporate wealth. Our online and mobile services provide a secure and safe banking experience on any device of your choice, wherever and whenever you choose.

Concierge Services

With EQIBank you can rely on global concierge banking services. With a dedicated team of experts to meet all of your needs, EQIBank’s global reach and open banking ensures you save time and money, making corporate and personal finance more effective.

Supporting Innovation

With a unique global perspective, and deep understanding of the links between our clients’ personal and professional lives, EQIBank offer expertise across a range of sophisticated financial solutions – from banking and deposits to borrowing and protection. As global experts in innovation, we understand the complex needs of innovative industries.

Innovating Relationships

With a flourishing network of experts, innovators and pioneers, being a client of EQIBank opens doors to many opportunities. Powerful insight, extensive networks and focused innovation inspire, empower and challenge those we work with. Whatever their location, business or experience, EQIBank clients innovate and reshape perceptions.

Our Clients

EQIBank is unique in its focus on innovation. With vision and judgement fashioned by working with wealthy individuals and disruptive industries, we appreciate the subtlety and complexity of your global needs. Experts in supporting pioneers and the intricacies of corporates and high net worth individuals, we are well placed to understand your needs.

Custody Solutions

EQIBank is the first bank in the world to offer Custody Accounts to clients as a solution to store their digital assets in a regulated, secure, and compliant manner. All digital assets are segregated, using unique digital asset addresses, which are independently verifiable and auditable on their respective blockchains.

Why EQIBank

Our expertise in international banking has been recognised over the years and our Relationship Managers really understand our client’s international needs. We are based offshore, in one of the world’s leading international financial centres, regularly attracting global recognition for its political and economic stability and its robust but flexible regulatory system. 


Online and Mobile banking, debit cards, current, and deposit accounts



Regulated and licensed bank protecting your national currency and digital assets

Tax Neutral

EQIBank is a registered offshore bank. No direct taxation

Custody Services

The only offshore bank for the custody of digital assets

API Customized

From accounting to payroll, API Solutions tailored to customer needs


24/7 Availability

Service coverage. Easy access to your money. International money transfer

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