Join the program today and start earning commissions for each client you refer to EQIBank


EQIBank Limited is excited to announce its new Ambassador Program, which enables businesses or individuals to become EQIBank Ambassadors and introduce clients to the bank. Under this program, EQIBank’s Ambassadors can earn commissions for each account opened by the clients they refer, as well as for any products or services used by the client.


Once the client has opened an account with EQIBank using the Ambassador’s unique referral link, the Ambassador will receive a commission. The commission will be paid once the account is fully activated and funded. Additionally, Ambassadors will receive 10% of Net Revenue generated from any of EQIBank’s products used by the client (i.e., accounts, card services, loans, trading, custody, and escrow services).



of Net Revenue generated from any of EQIBank’s products used by the client and enjoy recurrent income for as long as the client remains with EQIBank



for each account opened by the client they refer;


The EQIBank Ambassador Program offers a great opportunity for businesses or individuals to earn additional income by introducing clients to EQIBank. As EQIBank continues to grow and expand its products and services, there is great potential for Ambassadors to generate recurrent income for many years to come.

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To become an EQIBank Ambassador, interested parties can complete a short application form. Once the application has been processed and approved, Ambassadors will be given access to a unique referral link to share with their network