FintechLegal – EQIBank – digital and offshore!

About this Episode Neobanks are not only springing up in domestic territories, but also offshore. In this episode of Fintech Legal we talk to Jason Blick, CEO of EQIbank, arguably the leading offshore digital bank and, according to the press, the first outspokenly...

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Why You Want to Hold Your Digital Assets with a Bank

Providers of digital asset custody must offer services on par with global custodial standards in order for digital asset adoption, especially amongst HNWIs and corporations, to grow. Financial custodians have historically played a vital role in the financial and...

read more – Why is it so hard to bank crypto?

As a digital nomad who is constantly moving between countries the world over, access to cash and banking services is an ever-present concern. Modern banking has made leaps and bounds in the past few decades to the point where now traveler's cheques are a thing of the...

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