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Apr 20, 2021

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It’s been a busy few weeks for the EQIBank team, with our DeFi project, EQIFI, making some pretty big headlines, and the announcement of some new partnerships on both the BaaS and crypto side of things.

EQIFI Officially Oversubscribed – Seed & Strategic Round Closes

EQIBank is the first Licensed and Regulated Bank to power a decentralized finance (DeFi) initiative. EQIFI is breaking new ground in the DeFi space, and interest in the project has reflected that.

Within ten days, EQIFI has quickly announced the closing of its seed and strategic rounds and is heavily oversubscribed. Check out the EQIFI Telegram channel for more information on EQIFI in the weeks and months ahead!

EQIBank Goes from Strength to Strength

With our fantastic limited-time offer that saw EQIBank waive the BaaS license fee for select top companies, a fantastic partnership was secured with Holt, a company steeped in financial history and which shares ties with a high net-worth family.

Commenting on the deal, EQIBank CEO Jason Blick said that “EQIBank prides itself on being at the forefront of shaping the future of global banking, and our Banking as a Service (BaaS) product is a real game-changer for our clients. We’re thrilled to be working with a company such as Holt and having a company such as Holt among our initial group of selected clients really sets the standard for us moving forward.”

EQIBank Partners with Unido on Crypto Custody & Trading

With client experience always at the front of the minds of the EQIBank team, partnering with a company like Unido made perfect sense, with EQIBank COO Edwin Carlson commenting that “this brings EQIBank clients easy access to secure crypto storage, OTC transacting, and DeFi investing.”

OTC Continues to go from Strength to Strength

As mentioned previously, EQIBank now facilitates competitively priced cryptocurrency OTC trading.

The cryptocurrency trading market is booming, and EQIBank is here to provide you with the platform needed for success.

It’s no exaggeration to say that our OTC offering has been nothing short of a resounding success, with close to 200% growth in the last month!

Be sure to follow our social media channels, including LinkedIn and Twitter,where you’ll find links to our ongoing mainstream media coverage, including EQIBank CEO Jason Blick discussing the future of DeFi in Forbes, and the Coinbase IPO in Crowdfund Insider!

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