Buy and Sell Your Cryptocurrency with a Licensed Bank

Jul 1, 2021

EQIBank is the easiest place to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Create your cryptocurrency portfolio today with security Licensed and Regulated Bank. 

Are you concerned about your Crypto OTC transactions? Are you looking for a reliable and trusted provider?

Whether you are a regulated institution, a company, or a private client – buying and selling crypto from a licensed and regulated bank is now easier than ever.

EQIBank, one of the world’s leading innovative banks, is now the easiest place to trade cryptocurrency in large or small amounts, always at the best price. We offer OTC Trading, Custody, Loans, Accounts, and Investments.  

What is EQIBank Crypto OTC? 

EQIBank’s Over the Counter (OTC)  team provides insights and expert assistance to help you navigate the complicated crypto world while ensuring your assets are always safe and secure. Whether you are new to crypto or an experienced trader, EQIBank meets all of your OTC and trading needs.

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Some of the benefits include


Fully licensed & regulated


Connected to all the major exchanges


KYC, AML & compliance


International coverage for over 180 countries


Seamless fiat/crypto facilities


24/7 hour assistance

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