Hirander Misra joins EQIBank as Advisor to the Board

May 24, 2018 | Uncategorized

From: Clinton Nicholson – Northern Hemisphere Marketing Manager
Date: 24th, May 2018


Hirander is Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of GMEX Group, a set of companies which offer sustainable and innovative solutions for the new era of global financial markets through an aligned partnership-driven approach. This involves the creation and operation of electronic exchanges and post-trade infrastructure in equities, debt, FX, derivatives, commodities, cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Hirander brings years of experience from the Fintech space with him and makes an exceptional addition to the EQIBank team and stands to bring EQIBank and it’s product line to the forefront of the financial world.







About EQIBank


EQIBank Aims to Launch the World’s  First Licensed And Fully Regulated Offshore Bank Providing:
•   Private and Corporate Banking
•   Cryptocurrency Exchange
•   Cryptocurrency Custody
•   Fiat and Cryptocurrency Lending
•   Bank Insured Wallet and Cold Storage
•   Blockchain Settlement and Clearing
•   Compliance

EQIBank will license its technology to other financial institutions and enable them to use EQI Tokens for settlements and payments.




EQIBank’s Vision


Imagine a financial institution that is safe, lean and secure. An institution that combines the speed and reach of global communication with the simplicity and finality of cash payments. Where transaction fees are reduced to virtually nothing, because it requires no effort to process the transaction. EQIBank will provide innovative banking, trading, custody, lending, clearing and settlement services for fiat and cryptocurrencies and will address certain limitations of fiat banking and blockchain technology by modernising, streamlining and simplifying the siloed design of the financial industry infrastructure with a shared fabric of common information. EQIBank is well positioned to assist with championing blockchain innovation, supporting greater scalability and providing a trusted regulatory ecosystem to bridge interoperability with fiat currencies. EQIBank will provide a seamless fusion of new technology and centuries of market experience that ultimately benefits clients with safety, security, lower costs and faster transaction speeds. As a result, clients only need one banking relationship for their entire fiat, cryptocurrency and digital asset ecosystem.



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