Why Not Buy Your Crypto From a Licensed Bank?

Jun 4, 2021

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As always, it’s been busy at EQIBank HQ with the team working overtime. With our DeFi project, EQIFI, making some pretty big headlines, and the progress we’ve seen with our OTC offering, we have our hands full!


Demand for EQIBank OTC Services Explodes!

Here at EQIBank, the question has always been, “Why Not Buy Your Crypto From a Licensed Bank?”

It seems this is a question that others have also been asking, as interest in EQIBank’s OTC services has seen an incredible 50% increase in the past month, with more interest sure to follow.

With OTC options for both individuals and banks, and corporations, EQIBank has you covered.


EQIFI Continues to Go From Strength to Strength!

After closing its seed and strategic rounds within ten days, EQIFI is now moving full steam ahead to its TGE (Token Generation Event), which takes place in several weeks! Please stay tuned for an announcement on the date!

In the meantime, both EQIFI and EQIBank have been hot property in the media, with appearances in Crypto Current, Cointelegraph, Nasdaq, and Untold Stories with Charlie Shrem!

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