EQIBank’s November Insight!

Nov 21, 2022

EQIBank is at the forefront of building amazing products for over 180 jurisdictions – that’s more products, for more territories than any other bank in the world! With zero risk on the balance sheet and no direct exposure to crypto exchanges, EQIBank stands out as a pillar of stability for our corporate and individual clients. That’s why recently we have been voted the “World’s #1 Global Digital Bank 2022”.


EQIBank is the Global Digital Bank for Corporates and HNWIs, banking over 180 countries around the world. We offer seven lines of business:

  • Banking (USD, GBP, EUR & CAD)
  • Credit Cards
  • Lending
  • Custody
  • OTC (crypto, fiat, and securities)
  • Wealth Management
  • Banking as a Service

EQIBank provides 24/7 online banking from your laptop and mobile. We know how busy you are, so here is a quick summary of our exciting updates that you can take advantage of today! Remember to share this with friends so you can provide them with amazing opportunities and earn with our referral program! Get $350 per funded account and 10% net revenue from all your referrals for life!

Crypto OTC

November has been a turbulent month. Remember, your funds are always safer with a bank. When trading your crypto with EQIBank, you are working with a licensed and regulated partner that never puts you at risk. Buy/sell any Top 20 cryptocurrencies directly from your account for only 0.75%!

Free Accounts

We want to thank you for being our customer, and for a limited time, all EQIBank Corporate Clients can open individual accounts for their Beneficiaries and Directors absolutely free! Apply now!

Award Nominations

To add to the numerous awards we have received over the years, EQIBank has been nominated for the prestigious Middle East Blockchain Awards (MEBA)! We will be sure to keep you on top of developments on social media!

Connect with EQIBank

Speaking of Social Media, remember to connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram! We love to hear from you and the team is always here to help!

Our Onboarding Tutorials

We want to help you onboard quickly! Remember to check out our corporate onboarding tutorial!

EQIBank in Malta at AIBC

The EQIBank Team has been invited to the Banks vs Crypto Exchanges panel in Malta on 17th November 2022! Eli Taranto – our Chief Business Development Officer has presented on the panel, talking about why crypto OTC with banks is better, quicker, and more secure. He also discussed the future of the markets! Apply for your global, crypto-friendly bank account today!


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