EQIBank October Update

Oct 25, 2018

Partnership with Yingke International Announced

Great partnerships mean great business, so we’re excited to announce our partnership with Yingke International. Based in Beijing, Yingke Law Firm is the largest direct-invested law firm in the Asia Pacific region, with 5,462 lawyers and legal professionals forming a global service platform.

This partnership will see our banking representatives stationed in Yingke International’s 44 domestic branches. For the first time, EQIBankers will be positioned to assist Yingke’s clients with the onboarding process to EQIBank’s full range of national currency, crypto and digital asset services.

In a previous statement, Marco Pearman-Parish, the President of Yingke Global and CEO of Corporation China said, “Yingke Global is committed to being one of the world’s leading banking and fintech law firms and this joint venture will help meet the needs of our global client base.”

EQIBank Exchange Update

The EQIBank Exchange is up and running for internal use. We are continuing to add functionality to the exchange ahead of a soft launch in December to invited traders with the subsequent full release in Jan. 2019.

Our development partner, GMEX, signed a contract in July 2018. Our preliminary MVP was made available on Sept. 15, 2018 and demonstrated the exchange’s crypto to crypto trading capabilities. Our UI is being revamped based on feedback from initial traders.

As we approach our end of year launch date, we are actively working with liquidity providers and market makers to ensure that we can launch with an active market.

Upcoming Engagements

EQIBank is the world’s first licensed and regulated bank for national currencies, crypto and digital assets. Its innovative approach will provide clients with a single banking relationship for their entire national currency, crypto and digital asset ecosystems. Customers will also have access to a comprehensive suite of services including trading, custody, lending, clearing and settlement.

You can book a slot at any of these events with a member of the EQIBank team here.

Malta Blockchain Summit, Malta, Nov 1st — 2nd


Toronto High Net Worth Family Office Event, Toronto, Nov 6th



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