EQIBank Named Winner of IBSi NeoChallenger Bank Award in SME/Corporate Banking Segment

Feb 26, 2024

EQIBank is pleased to announce a significant accomplishment: winning the IBSi NeoChallenger Bank Award in the SME/Corporate Banking segment.

The IBSi NeoChallenger Bank Awards, known for acknowledging innovation and excellence in the banking industry, have recognized EQIBank for its efforts in transforming traditional banking practices and offering efficient financial services. This award is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our focus on delivering a unified banking experience to our clients.

“EQI Bank’s client-centric approach to Banking-as-a-Service transcends industry disruption, offering businesses, especially startups and smaller enterprises, a streamlined path to providing comprehensive financial services without the complexities of traditional banking licenses. The platform’s meticulous planning, seamless integration, and tailored solutions not only showcase operational excellence but empower clients to fulfil regulatory obligations and grow their businesses efficiently.” said, Nikhil Gokhale, Director – Research & Digital Properties at IBS Intelligence. He congratulated EQIBank for their win in SME/Corporate Banking.

This recognition not only celebrates our achievements but also reinforces our mission to enhance banking accessibility, convenience, and efficiency. EQIBank continues to focus on pioneering within the digital banking sector, committed to offering our clients a comprehensive and integrated range of financial services.

As we progress in our mission to revolutionize financial services, the IBSi NeoChallenger Bank Award serves as a significant milestone, affirming our dedication to our clients’ financial success and well-being.

For more information about EQIBank and our innovative approach to banking, please visit https://eqibank.com.


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