Data Room Rules and Procedures for Access


 1. Use of the Data Room

These rules (the Rules) govern the use of the Data Room by the Data Room users designated by the Participant as defined in the Confidentiality.

Chord Group (Anguilla) Limited (“CGA”), and/or any of its advisors may amend these Rules at any time by notice.

To be able to register users and grant access to the Data Room, the user’s family name, first name and email address are required.

CGA reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse, or deny access to the Data Room to any user. In particular CGA reserves the right to exclude access to the Data Room of any person that has been convicted for being a member of a criminal organisation or has been convicted for offenses of fraud, corruption or money laundering, as well as any natural or legal person who has been declared bankrupt or who is currently subject to any form of insolvency proceeding.

2. Compliance

Data Room users are accessing the Data Room pursuant to a stipulation of confidentiality with Mr. Bob Sillerman in accordance with an Order of the Bankruptcy Court (the Stipulation and Order) which provides for the non-disclosure terms pertaining to the Anguilla SEZ project.

3. Liability

CGA does not warrant that the Data Room will be free of computer viruses and other destructive codes. CGA accepts no liability for any damage caused by any destructive code transmitted through the access to the Data Room by the user. Data Room users acknowledge that it is their responsibility to implement sufficient procedures and virus checks to satisfy their particular requirements.

4. Security Precautions

4.1. The Data Room may not be accessed from any non-secure network, such as from an internet café or any other place where the public has access.

4.2. When a computer being used to access the Data Room is left (even for a short time), that computer should be locked using a password which is known or accessible only to the Data Room user and its relevant internal IT support department.

4.3. At the end of each session accessing the Data Room, the browser window must be closed down.

5. Security Requirements

5.1. Data Room users will not attempt to circumvent any of the security features of the site and will not enable or allow others to access the site using their authorisation to the site.

5.2. When a document in the Data Room has been reviewed, any copies must be destroyed. Data Room users will also take all steps reasonably specified by CGA to erase any copies of Data Room information which may have been made on IT systems used by Data Room users. At the request of CGA, Data Room users shall provide signed written confirmation that they and their organizations have complied with the requirements of this paragraph.

6. General Disclaimer

CGA has taken all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information available in the Data Room is correct at the time of publication but CGA makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, as to the quality, accuracy and completeness of the information in the Data Room, and CGA assumes no liability in contract or in tort or breach of statutory duty or otherwise for or in respect of any indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary loss or damage howsoever arising in respect of or in connection with the information contained in or from the inaccuracy, incompleteness, or omissions in the contents of the Data Room.

Accept Data Room Rules and Procedures for Access

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