UK Proof of Address

You may need be asked to provide Proof of Address. Here are some common practices. 


Provide one document from the list below. Your document must be both current  (fewer than three months) and be a certified copy, not the original document. These documents often must be dated at less than 3-4 months old:
• Your full passport
• Your (full or provisional) UK photocard driving licence
• Your full UK paper driving licence
• Your National Identity Card (EEA or Swiss National customers only)
• Travel documents issued by the Home Office in the UK
• HM Revenue & Customs tax notification
• Benefits Agency letter (Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Jobcentre Plus, Child Benefit Office, Veterans Agency) confirming benefits rights and less than four months nold.
• A current Northern Ireland voter’s card

Proof of address

Provide one document from this list. The document must be recent and certified:
• A council tax bill for current billing year, including reminders and demand letters less than four months old.
• A utility bill (i.e., gas, electricity or oil)
• A water bill for current billing period (including reminders and demand letters)
• A telephone bill less than four months old and dated.. (Mobile phone bills ARE NOT accepted)
• A TV bill
• Your current full UK photocard driving licence
• Your UK bank, building society or credit union statement. Must feature your name and your current address, and show recent transactions
• UK credit (or commercial card) statements
• Your mortgage statement from a recognised lender (To be eligible for an EQIBank account, this document must be less than 12 months old and dated)
• HM Revenue & Customs tax notification
• Benefits Agency letter (Department of Work and Pensions, Jobcentre Plus, Child Benefit Office or Veterans Agency) confirming your rights to benefits

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