Personal Account Opening Checklist

In order to be considered for a personal account with EQIBank, we will need the following documents:


Individuals have to provide the following:Who Provides these documents?
EQIBank Individual Account Application Form Needs to be filled out by the individual and potential other signatories, please make sure that all pages have been completed and signed/dated where indicated
Certified copy of Passport *You are able to get your passport certified at any embassy, law firm or government institution
Certified copy of Proof of Address (Utility bill or Govt Issued document) *You are able to get your original bill certified at any law firm or government institution (please make sure it is in English or translated)
1 Professional ReferencesThis can be anyone operating a company within your professional network 
1 Credit/Bank Reference OR a 3 months certified bank statementAsk your local bank for a reference letter (Not the same as a ‘Certificate of Deposit’)
Individual FATCA/CRS Self Cert (find attached)Please complete and sign as indicated

*Certifications cannot be older than 3 months


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